Traffic Slam Arena

An exciting action packed, thrilling and destructive game, Traffic Slam Arena, this is part of the series of Traffic Slam games and this offers a unique new style to the game. With many of the features being similar to Traffic Slam games, it provides many features and missions which gives the game its uniqueness.

Click Here to play Traffic Slam Arena

Click to play Traffic Slam Arena

Traffic Slam Arena, as the name suggests consists of car fights in an arena somewhere in the city. This is no ordinary car ride, this is about skills and your ability to survive the chaos. This game has left the civilians alone and brought the thrill seeking cars in one place to fight against each other and prove the best among themselves.

The game takes you in an arena in which there are many other cars, with better or worse engines and armors, but with your skills you can fight them even if you don’t have all the fancy equipment. The game has various missions which you must complete in order gain rewards. As you complete each mission you gain scores and points, as well as unlocking new engines and items available in the gear. There are a total of twenty missions in the game and each mission is different and gives you different rewards. There are ten rounds to complete the game and you must win each round to unlock the next one and by doing so you will face even more challenging and exciting opponents and stages.


Depending on how well you can take down enemies in the arena, you will receive scores as well as rewards which can be very useful for you to upgrade your engines and equipment and buy new cars as well. By completing the mission objectives in the game you receive stars which can be great to compare against your friends.


Traffic Slam Arena


There are various upgrades and items to increase the performance of you cars. When trying to survive the mayhem in the arena you should definitely upgrade the equipment of your car to perform better. There are also various cars in the garage which can be unlocked and each has different functions to help you fight in the arena.The garage has various different upgrades with the few basic items already unlocked and in use. The garage includes the following which can be upgraded –

  • Wheels – There are four different type of wheels with which you can greatly change the performance of your car, as each of the wheels contribute to the quality of handling your car. The wheels include –
    • Training wheels
    • Red Skull
    • Blade wheels
    • Punk Hazard
  • Armor – Armors are very useful in protecting your car against the deadly attacks from the enemies, be sure to upgrade and use the proper armors in order to sustain the damages. There are three armors in the garage which are –
    • First Armor
    • Unbreakable
    • Majestic
  • Engine – Engines take a very important role in the performance of your car in the arena, by picking up the right engine you will be able to drive smoothly and avoid threatening attacks. There are three engines available to choose from they are :
    • Novice
    • Grunt
    • Titan
  • Nitro – These can be quite useful to take down enemy vehicles as it can give you an enormous boost to perform a violent attack on the enemy or even avoid attacks as well. There are three types of nitro in the garage which are –
    • Kickstart
    • Powerpush
    • Blastoff
  • Paint – Paints are great for giving your car a unique new look and provide you with great functionality as well. Take the right paintjob that matches your personality. The four paint available in the garage are –
    • Starter kit
    • Clockwork orange
    • Rapid Racer
    • Pirate Paint
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