Traffic Slam 1

The streets are filled with cars but there are no mayhem or destruction at all, everyone is following the traffic rules obediently until one car who decides to change the peacefulness of the street into chaos. Blast your way through the busy streets destroy cars and buses along the road, execute all the breathtaking stunt and smash off everything along the journey. Leave a trail of destruction at each street you visit.

Click Here to play Traffic Slam 1

Click to play Traffic Slam 1

Controls of Traffic Slam

The control for this games is absolutely user friendly

  • Up arrow key – Makes the car accelerate
  • Down arrow key – The car goes backward
  • Right arrow key – Move to right side
  • Left arrow key –Goes to left side
  • Space bar or Shift key – Pressing Space bar or Shift key will apply the brakes
  •  ‘’D’’ key – Pressing ‘’D’’ key will trigger mega detonator

Overview of the game

The game is a combination of racing and action gives a unique flavorto the game. There is nonstop explosive action throughout the entire game. Players will start with a blue striped car, with which they have to cause as much damage as they can in the streets. Be it a giant truck or bus, the blue car does not fear bumping in to anything on the way and it will blow everything to ashes. While causing massive destruction along the path some of the items will surely help the players along the way for example:

  • Nitro boost – The car is already on speeding rampage why not take it to the next level. Nitro boost offers an immense acceleration to the car while producing fire from the exhaust pipe. To make the car a speed demon, players will need to obtain Nitro boost which are scattered all around the streets so, make sure to keep an eye for the item if you wish to go berserk.
  • Mega detonator – Smashing and crushing other cars feels amazing but without an explosion it does not quite fit the scenario. Well there is a perfect item to blast those pesky cars to pieces – Mega detonator. These giant bombs will cause a massive explosion and will wipe everything in its range. This weapons of destruction can be found throughout the entire street but they are hidden, so player need to find these Mega detonator if blowing things up is their primary concern.

Traffic Slam 1

Your car is totally unstoppable be it a huge bus or small cars nothing will put a scratch or dent in it but the indestructible car can be destroyed, that is if you go out of the road with the car it will be destroyed into pieces. So guiding the car correctly is the right way of avoiding the end of journey.

Score system 

The score system is pretty simple and easy to understand, the more cars are blown to pieces the higher the score. There are some tricks to increase the score a lot, bundle of cash can be found in some parts of the street,and players have to make sure they collect the bag of cashes as the more cash is collected the higher the score will be. Boosting the score can be done through by doing stunt such as flipping the car to 360 degree or jumping from a very high ground, to get the desired speed player can take Nitro boost item and race to the hill with a sonic speed or park the car in busy street when a swarm of trucks and buses are gathered, the mega detonator can be used to cause a wild explosion. These tricks are quite easy to use all it needs is precise timing and a good control in handling the car.


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